Why use RJSON?

Smaller file size

A smaller file size mean less space on disk, faster transfer times, and more information displayed on the screen. We find RJSON strings are 20% to 40% smaller than JSON.

30 Characters

{"foo1":"bar1", "foo1":"bar2"}

21 Characters

{foo1:bar1 foo1:bar2}

Easier to read

The removal of quotes and commas reduces unnecessary noise from the document. Comments further help annotate and describe the data and structure. No escaped double quotes are needed when using single or backtick quotes. Strings can span multiple lines.

Faster to type

The removal of quotes and commas increases entry and editing speed. When using quotes, single quotes require less effort compared to double quotes, as no shift is needed.

Easier to refactor, edit, and extend

It is much easier to change the order of object pairs and array items without having to manage dangling and missing commas.

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